The Times are truly a-changing

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Many a man has complained that, with the current music industry and with online streaming, it is harder for songs to live on and are easily forgotten. It’s impossible to disagree with that from a certain point of view. Some musicians have even started to let go of the album format and decided to release batches of songs at a time instead of a full album. And that is because people don’t listen to a full album nowadays. If Dark Side of the Moon was released today, people would only know two or three songs depending on if there was a music video on youtube, or if it was a single or if it appeared in a movie soundtrack. Nowadays people discover songs on spotify playlists and don’t have the urge to find out the album from which the song came or other songs from the same musician.

That is why, in the times that we live now, it is more important than ever to praise an artist when his work deserves it. In other words, when he manages to produce something that can withstand the test of time.

One such musician is Bob Dylan!

How many roads must a singer/composer walk by until he truly deserves a Nobel Prize in Literature? It took 115 years for a musician to earn that prize and that decision was highly contested. For years people joked about the possibility of giving the Nobel Prize to Bob Dylan, but no one ever expected that something like that would ever happen. Bob Dylan managed to create new poetic expressions in the vast and brilliant traditional american music universe. Fueled only by his simple lyrics, his rough nasal voice, guitar and harmonica, Bob Dylan created songs that marked a generation, sometimes carrying a strong political message. If doubts were to Bob Dylan’s importance as a composer to the world, those doubts all went away in 2016 when the Swedish Academy finally decided to award him the Nobel Prize in Literature.

It is hard to choose a song that defines his career, but if I had to make a shortlist, these would all be there:

Blowing In the Wind

Mr Tamborine Man

Like a Rolling Stone

The Times they are a-changing

Knocking on Heaven’s Door


Tomás Branco Gonçalves

Tomás is a Masters in Finance student at NOVA School of Business & Economics and the current President of NOVA Students’ Union. His interests go from music to Economics and debating society as a whole.

Last modified: 01/10/2017