NJE – Where we are and where we want to be

NOVA Junior Enterprise, founded in 2012, is one of NOVA SBE’s largest student organizations. In only five years, NJE has been able to create a great reputation among NOVA’s students, faculty and outside NOVA’s community. But, as any other firm, NJE needs to learn how to better respond to the challenges of growth to ensure its reputation.

There are roughly 30 student organizations at NOVA SBE. NJE has been able to mark its position by delivering high-quality work for real companies, standing out from the remaining associations. However, our position as a firm and not as a club is still not clear among NOVA SBE’s students. Our mission is to change this paradigm.

With this goal in mind, several strategies have been developed to change the students’ perception. Starting by NJE´s website, a major makeover took place. With a new layout, NJE has been able to reinforce its branding with a professional look. Its activity on social networks, mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn, were also reinforced to create a closer relation with the students.

With the actions that took place last semester, it is already possible to observe a shift towards the position NJE desires. Although, NJE needs to keep investing on its image among all the stakeholders, including its clients.  The recognition of our firm among the big companies is already growing. Moreover, our awareness has been increasing, mainly in the start-up world. With a very successful partnership with StartUp Lisboa, our relation and position within this type of organizations were reinforced which led to an increasing number of projects.

Regarding the recognition among big companies, NJE’s awareness has also been gradually increasing. This is the result of two main factors. Firstly, the establishment of partnerships between NOVA Junior Enterprise and well-known companies from the consultancy market, such as Deloitte and A.T. Kearney. Second, this recognition is also the result of the recent academic and professional success of different NJE alumni. It is clear that NJE has been able to introduce in the job market high-quality workforce which can be observed by the placement of many former members on the top consulting firms, such as McKinsey, BCG, A.T. Kearney or Bain & Company. Moreover, last year ‘Top Student Award – Students with the Highest final grade of the three Masters degrees (Management, Finance, and Economics) – were all attributed to NJE’s alumni.

Nova Junior Enterprise’s success is clear. However, with this success, new challenges appear. Major progress has been made by the NJE team to keep improving its internal and external reputation. Although, to continue to follow this path, changes need to keep occurring for NJE to achieve long-term success.

João Malheiro

João is a Management student at NOVA School of Business & Economics and the Marketing Director at NOVA Junior Enterprise. He joined NJE one year ago and he also worked as a Senior Consultant.

Last modified: 01/10/2017