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The World Surf League just finished one of the most iconic events in its Championship Tour, the Rip Curl Pros at Bells Beach, near Melbourne in Australia. As the longest running championship contest, it holds a special place in the surfing universe and it draws many spectators every year. However, as exciting as it is to see the best surfers in the world compete with each other, in the background a lot of work goes into organising such an event. This includes securing the venue itself, finding and dealing with sponsors and obviously organising the entire infrastructure needed for both competitors and spectators. And now, the NOVA Surf Club has done the same to bring you NOVA’s own surf championship.

For the first time ever, on April 29th, we will host the NOVA Surf Contest. This is the largest surfing-related event at NOVA ever. In our contest, current students are going to compete with alumni to find the best surfers and bodyboarders amongst them. However, for our try to rival the World Surf League, we too had to deal with all the tasks mentioned above. This seemed like a big challenge for what is basically a bunch of surfers joined together in a club. In the end though, with a lot of motivation and joint effort from all members of the NOVA Surf Club and with some outside support, we are psyched about the outcome and the event to come.

Of course, the new campus plays a large role in our motivation for this contest. We are stoked to move closer to the ocean in the future and hope that surfing is going to get even more popular at NOVA. This contest provides the perfect opportunity to give all of you a taste of what great environment and lifestyle the new campus, along with the beach at Carcavelos, has to offer. Moreover, we got valuable support from our four great ambassadors who shared their experiences with us and helped with both the organisation and promotion of the contest. Also, we are very proud that we were able to win partners, such as Seat, NOVA Students’ Union and Red Bull to back our contest. As a result, on the day of the contest, we will have an area for the main sponsors, including a Seat lounge, a chill area sponsored by Red Bull and a beach market. To finally round off the entire day and celebrate this occasion in a worthy fashion, we will have a sunset party. For an event organised by surfers, it is all-important to still hang out on the beach for sunset, enjoy each other’s company and have a cold beer in your hand while discussing the best waves, wipeouts, etc. After all, this day is about a lot more than just to promote our sport. We want this to be a great time for everyone and to join surfers, students who want to share this experience and alumni who couldn’t do something similar during their time at Nova.

So don’t waste any more time but get on our Facebook page and buy your tickets. The more people join, the more memorable this event is going to be.

Christian Scheuber

Christian is a Masters in Finance student at Nova School of Business & Economics. He discovered his passion for surfing during an internship abroad in Sydney, Australia, and is a staff member of Nova Surf Club since this semester.

Last modified: 01/10/2017