To the Nova SBE Community

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Dear Nova SBE Community,

Now that the new year has begun, your Students Union wants to provide you with another tool to improve your academic experience at Nova. Whether you’re just looking for your colleagues’ views on a particular topic or interested in writing articles to showcase your own, Nova Press is a platform created to allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

Nova Press’ online presence constitutes a stage for you to display your knowledge and opinions on any topic of your interest, no matter if it is related to our faculty’s commonly discussed topics such as Economics, Management or Finance. In fact, you are all more than welcome to write about anything that peaks your interest and you feel is worth sharing with our community. We believe that exposing your opinion is the first step toward a healthy discussion and the best way to disseminate knowledge.

This year, we want to make Nova Press a bigger part of our faculty`s life, with more content and a higher level of engagement with our community and we have ambitious plans to achieve these expectations. However, they can only truly succeed with your help and your interest.

With that, I am here, not as the new Editor of Nova Press and not as a member of our Students Union, but as your peer, daring you to accept this challenge and write. Write about what you want, make it your own, teach your colleagues on the topics you know most about, and learn from doing it.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated,

Manuel de Oliveira



Manuel de Oliveira

Manuel is currently in his last year of the Undergraduate degree in Management at Nova SBE and is also the Editor-in-Chief at Nova Press.
His interests include reading non-fiction books, discussing politics and watching every TV Show ever made.

Last modified: 23/10/2017