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Tuna ForTuna was created on February 15th of 1993 by a group of friends, students of NovaSBE. A wide scope of instruments is played on stage, including traditional Portuguese instruments such as mandolin and cavaquinho. Since its beginning, ForTuna has been presenting its original songs as well as covers from already-existing songs.

Due to the amazing spirit and dedication of its members allied with a good quality in its performance, ForTuna has been invited to several festivals all throughout Portugal, from Braga to Faro, and also taking breath in the beautiful islands of Azores. Some of them even abroad, in Switzerland.

Above all, ForTuna is made of people who share a passion for music. Its lifestyle is a way to be connected to music while studying in university. Sounds like a good way to make friends for life!

“How can I join Tuna ForTuna?”
Well, you can show up to any of the rehearsals which are held every Tuesday and Wednesday at 19h in A14. You do not need to worry about not knowing how to play an instrument, the Tuna will teach you!

“When can I see Tuna ForTuna perform?”
The next festival ForTuna is going to be a part of is on November 24th in Portalegre! If you cannot make it to this one, you have many opportunities to see the Tuna perform, for example, in downtown Lisbon or in TunanTE, which is taking place on the 8th and 9th of December in ISEG.

What are you waiting for?
We are ForTuna and we never stop!


Sílvia Matos

Sílvia is an undergraduate student taking the Bachelor’s degree in Management. Currently, she is one of 40 the members of ForTuna, where she plays cavaquinho.

Last modified: 30/10/2017