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Are you a strategic thinker? Do you like solving problems creatively while working in a team? Are you a hard-working, curious and ambitious person? Well, if so, there are good news for you! We proudly announce the launching of a new club at our school, Nova Case Team (NCT). NCT is the case club of Nova School of Business and Economics.

Our main goal is to develop outstanding analytical and soft skills by means of studying business cases. At NCT, not only do we practice our ability to identify and analyze adequately a problem, but also to build and develop successful strategies for real business problems. Moreover, we improve soft skills through business cases presentations.

However, do not be mistaken by thinking that we simply solve the typical consulting case interviews which you are asked to solve while you are attending a job interview, at a consulting firm. In fact, we go a step further and deepen our study of a business case. The duration of the study of each case can vary from three to five hours or even from eight to twenty-four hours. Firstly, this happens because the study of a case allows us to be deeply acknowledged about a given industry, business or company and to identify several issues its facing. Secondly, through team working, analysis of the problems is rigorously conducted, and then creative strategies and recommendations are proposed.

Furthermore, it is vital to highlight that the cases cover a diversity of subjects such as Finance, Corporate Governance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Strategy and others. This is a huge advantage since you get more exposed to a range of areas you cover during your studies, but in a more practical way and, who knows, discover the one(s) you are passionate about and might want to pursue a career in.

Another important aspect is that Nova Case Team can rely on some Nova SBE Professors who give support, advice and feedback on a regular basis to its members about their performance. On top of that, they challenge our members to overcome their own ambitious goals and try to always propose different and more complex case analysis to empower us with useful knowledge and skills.

Our vision is to prepare the best NCT members to represent Nova SBE in International Case Solving Competitions (such as the Belgrade Business International Case Competition (BBICC) or the Global Business Case Competition (GBCC)) among some of the world’s top business schools. As such, we want the best talent our school holds, to help us build this promising project!

At Nova Case Team, we strongly believe that case studies are a powerful tool to prepare students well to successfully enter the job market and for a remarkable professional career. Bearing this in mind, besides developing our own members solving and presenting skills, we would like to transmit positively this experience among Nova SBE’s student community.

Curious about it? If you feel aligned with our views and goals and think you have the right motivation to take this organization further, then stay tuned through our social networks and apply by filling our application form. Embrace this opportunity! Challenge yourself and join this adventure!

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Rui Pires

Rui is the co-founder of Nova Case Team, playing the role of co-head of the Corporate Relations and Events’ department. He is currently undertaking his Bachelors’ degree in management.

Last modified: 19/02/2018