ENDA Report – Covilhã 2018

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On the past weekend, the 3rd and the 4th of March 2018, the National Movement of Students’ Associations of Higher Education held a meeting at the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã. NOVA SU was once again present at the “Encontro Nacional de Direções Associativas” (ENDA).


The purpose of this meeting, which takes place every 3 months, is to discuss and define the position of the associative movement on various relevant issues of Higher Education such as academic accommodation, students with special seeds, inequality on the various grading systems, taxes and fees, or even an OECD’s analysis. During these two days, some decisions were made which we deem worthy of highlighting.


1) The academic accommodation is still being neglected and the solutions proposed by this movement to the Government are yet to have an answer. The movement condemns the government attitude.


2) It was also discussed the lack of effort for students with special needs, especially students with visual, hearing and motor needs. Due to an observable constant growth of this type of students, the resources which aim at guaranteeing them a proper education are now scarce. A renewed channeling of resources was demanded and is still due.


3) The Inequality between different institutions’ grading systems, where in some there is an enhancement system in the final GPA, which creates inequality between students from different schools. The movement voted to end said enhancement systems.


4) The movement reinforced is strong opposition to the existence of taxes and fees, in parallel with tuition fees, as promises by the government are yet to be fulfilled.


5) Another subject pointed out and strongly condemn was the lack of public investment in higher education’s infrastructures all over national territory. The appalling conditions which some institutions subsist should be an embarrassment for the Portuguese Republic and constantly harms the quality of the education provided in said institutions.


6) Concerning the most viral theme – the OECD’s report – and the respective reactionary measures proposed by the Government:

  1. It was praised and seen with good eyes the possibility of the polytechnics being able to teach doctoral programs. However, a revision of the Higher Education Law is due first.
  2. There is a need for an urgent revision of the Legal Regime of the Scientific Investigation Institutions.
  3. The recent proposal of reducing the numerus clausus at coastal institutions by 5% is childish and reveals an inexistence of a proper strategy for the Portuguese higher education.


As a main conclusion for all the points mentioned above, the National Students’ Movement has assessed that the lack of governmental answers has reached a limit. It was decided, as a deadline for the answer of all the questions, the 9th of March. After this day, the National Movement of Students will publicly manifest its unrest with the government’s way of dealing with the Higher Education Students’ needs.


The last session of the assembly ended with the presentation and discussion of a proposal – presented by Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal – which aimed at hosting the next ENDA. Said proposal was approved. It will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of June in Setúbal, on the facilities of the Institute.


António Coelho 

António is a Bachelor in Management student at NOVA School of Business and Economics, current Vice President of NOVA Student’s Union and member of Associação Académica de Lisboa. Besides his interest in Educational Policy he is also enthusiastic for sports and entrepreneurship.


Diogo Costa 

Diogo is currently a Management student at NOVA School of Business & Economics. He’s also member of Recreational Department and Students’ Services Office at NOVA Students’ Union. Besides his interest in Economics, he also passionate about politics and sports.

Rodrigo Camacho 

Rodrigo is the President of the Masters Students’ Network, Vice-President of NOVA SU, and a member of NOVA’s Economics Club. Having finished his Bachelors in Economics at ISCTE Business School, he is currently in the 1st year of his Masters in Economics at NOVA. Besides his obvious interest in economics, he is also fond of politics and financial markets.

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