Cultural Agenda #1 by Nova CAFE

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NOVA CAFE – Coletivo de Artistas da Faculdade de Economia brings you their Cultural Agenda #1, featuring the events from the 4th to the 10th of April that the members of the club considered more relevant.

Our Picks

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#1 | Theater | INTIMIDADES*

On stage since the beginning of March, the play, created out of Woody Allen’s texts, stars a promising cast: Sofia Nicholson, João Cabral, André Nunes, Rita Fernandes and Inês Patrício.

Location: Teatro da Luz | Schedule: From Thursday to Saturday, at 10PM | Price: 12.5€ | Tickets | More Info

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#2 | Exhibition | ESCHER EXHIBITION

M.C. Escher (1898-1973) was a dutch graphic artist known for his detailed realistic prints that achieve bizarre optical and conceptual effects. Exhibition open until May 27th.

Location: Museu da Arte Popular | Schedule: Everyday from 10AM to 8PM | Price: 9€ for Students | More Info

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#3 | Music | MIL – Lisbon International Music Network 2018

From the 4th to the 6th, Cais do Sodré is house for a series of keynotes, talks, masterclasses and concerts featuring players of the music industry from all over the globe. The place happens simultaneously at various venues.

Location: Cais do Sodré | Date: 4th – 6th of April | Tickets | More Info


Concerts / DJ Sets


VULVA | Concert | Experimental | Nouã, AAguilAA, Pudeur @ Anjos 70

Integral da Música de Câmara | Concert | Classical | Joly Braga Santos @ CCB


“In Between Stars” | Concert | Rock | Eleanor Friedberger @ Galeria Zé dos Bois


Noite Maternidade | DJ Set / Concert | Lil’QT, Ola Haas, Pandemónio, Telma @ DAMAS

Posh Isolation | Concert | Experimental | Croatian Amor, KhalilH2OP, Astrid Sonne, Soho Rezanejad @ Galeria Zé dos Bois

Itinéraires | DJ Set | Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop | DJ Carie invites KOOL ISAC ACE @ Casa Independente

SAUR | Concert | Experimental | SAUR invites Âmbar + Quelle Dead Gazelle @ Sabotage Club


Conversas Ocupadas | Concert / Talk @ Galeria Zé dos Bois


Deixa as Mulheres  em Paz | Comedy @ SMOP (Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30PM)

ÑAQUE | Comedy @ Teatro Villaret (From  Thursday to Saturday at 9:30PM and Sunday at 4:30PM)

PAULA DIOGO sobre Lembrar e Esquecer @ Maria Matos T.M, at the Main Room (at 9:30PM, only on stage until April 7th)

Ivone Princesa  de Borgonha | Comedy @ Teatro do Bairro  (at 9:30PM, between April 4th and 8th)

O Teatro da Amante Inglesa | Crime / Drama @ Teatro da Politécnica (at 7PM, until April 14th)

Other Events

April 7th & 8th – Market – Art & Fleamarket @ Anjos70

April 7th – Exhibition – Dá-te Graça @ Traça

*All plays Spoken in Portuguese

Nova CAFE – Coletivo de Artistas da Faculdade de Economia

Colective of Artists from NOVA School of Business & Economics. Founded in 2016. Read their manifesto HERE

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