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When you hear of “Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)”, what would be the first thing that comes into you mind? Would it be a group of young like-minded students pursuing their academic degrees? Is it just another university where students desperately cram their studies to attain the highest grade? Or is it also one of those places where competition among colleagues is rather just another common thing? Some of these points may have come across your mind, or perhaps some other ones that you may have also thought of. Let me ask you one other question, would you have instantly associated the word “stories” upon hearing the name of one of the most prestigious university in the country?

What kind of stories? Stories such as of the one of Joana, who even though she once failed the admission exam to enter Nova SBE by just a few decimals points,  she continued to work hard to overcome that obstacle and  is now a 3rd year student in this very university.
Stories like the one from Leonardo, who left his family and friends in his home country to come study here so that one day he could go back and make it all worth it in the end.
Stories such as the one from Leidinha, who is truly thankful for the greatest gift that she has ever received in her life: her first daughter. These were simply some of the few stories out of the hundreds of stories our community has to tell – stories about family, about friendships, about overcoming struggles, about achieving hopes and dreams, and about many other more aspects of life rather than the simple plain one from that of a university student. University is not only about the grades and the assignments, it’s about the things that you cannot learn in any other lecture, but neither is it just about the student, but also the professors and faculty staffs who are part of this community as well.

Well, this is what “Late Night Stories” aims to share, the true representation of what our university is like, that it is not a perfect masterpiece where everyone are having the best times of their life and getting excellent grades, because let’s face it, we all have a story worth sharing – and not all of them ends with a happy ending either. This is the very reason why this page was created in the first place, I myself realized that if I had story I wanted to tell, other people must have also had something in their mind they wanted share as well. Please let me tell you right here that I do not own the most perfect camera or the photography skills of a professional, but I do own what may be seen as a foolish belief that one day this page will be able to change something – as little as it may be – about the perception of our community.

Whether or not this is actually working remains questionable, but perhaps you could be so kind to please take a few minutes to stop by and check the page out for yourself, maybe you might even see someone you recognize, not necessarily a friend of yours but maybe someone you always pass on the hallways and ever wondered what was in that person’s mind?
This could even be a conversation-starter for the next time you see him or her,
and this will be how our sense of unity and compassion can grow together, and so we can truly become a community.




Anwa Muangnapha 

Anwa is an undergraduate student taking the Bachelor’s degree in Management. He is the author of the page “Late Night Stories”. You can find more about it on its social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/latenightstories2017/ | Instagram: @latenightstories2017


Last modified: 12/10/2018